Our 2020 Winter Lab Retreat

16, January 2020. 

As our IRiS family grows (17 members already!), we headed out for our winter lab retreat this week to warmly welcome the newbies over some delicious pizza and pasta.

Here’s to the new beginnings! And a happy new year!

Our 2019 Fall Lab Retreat

11, December 2019. 

With everyone now well settled into our new abode at KAIST, we welcomed our two new members this week over some delicious Italian pizza and pasta in Daejeon. Here’s to our new beginnings!

[Success Story] Best Paper Presentation Award at ICROS-KROS Conference

4, December 2019. 

Adding another feather in our cap – we are now the proud owners of the “Best Paper Presentation Award” across the whole Chungcheong region! 

Out of a total of 33 poster presentations (all in Korean language) from universities and institutes all across Korea, our team secured the award for our work on “Learning From Demonstrations for Asynchronous Teleoperated Trajectories”, at the 2019 ICROS-KROS Joint Conference (details). 


[Success Story] Winners of 2019 Autonomous Vehicle Competition

8-10, July 2019. 

We are now the proud champions of the 2019 Autonomous Vehicle Competition! 

Out of a total of 12 teams from 11 universities all across Korea, our now IRiS team finished first in this year’s competition (powered by Hyundai) where all teams developed and competed with their unmanned autonomous vehicles.  The autonomous driving car made by our team showed off its excellent driving skills throughout the 2-day course of the competition by incurring no penalties.

Go BioRob-cum-IRiS! 

Special Seminar on Robotics by BioRob Alumni

8, March 2019. 

Today, we had a mini homecoming of its kind, where two of our BioRob lab’s alumni visited KoreaTech to share their research journeys thus far at their own alma mater.

Prof. Ildar Farkhatdinov, one of the first graduates of our BioRob lab in 2008, and  Boris Gromov, our visiting researcher back in the day, conducted a special seminar at KoreaTech where they talked about their researches ranging from assistive technologies, telerobotics, virtual reality, and intuitive multi-modal human-robot interaction using hand/arm gestures. 

After catering to an influx of queries from the attendees, the boys made their rounds to our BioRob labs to revisit the memories they’d made while they were here.

Thank you for coming, guys! 

Our 2019 Lab Ski Trip

18-19, February 2019. 

BioRob lab’s most anticipated annual ski trip just got done. Like every year, this time too, we asked ourselves the age-old question: To ski or to board?